Head Shave

Good News

If you are thinking of shaving your head, you will be happy to know that one study concluded men with shaved heads are seen as more dominant, stronger and taller. If you’ve considered it, consult our Stylists.

The Professional Touch

At Excalibur, we begin by cleansing the hair and scalp to remove oils and styling products. We follow with a warm, moist towel to make the hair and scalp soft and pliable. Then, we use clippers to take hair down to a very short length. We shave the head to remove any stubble. We finish with a soothing moisturizer to protect the scalp and sunscreen to defend against UV rays.

Join the Club

A professional Head Shave will usher you into an elite group of proud, confident men. Stand a little taller, and be your very best in every aspect of your life. Make an appointment at Excalibur Fine Men’s Salon, and enjoy a clean, fresh new look.


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