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A True Sense of Luxury

Although you shave at home, getting the close, clean, practiced shave that a barber can provide is an extra luxury that you will love. It is time for you to treat yourself to the pleasure of a professional, straight-razor shave.

Pampering Process

At Excalibur, you will start with a warm, steaming towel. Now, you are prepared for your best shave ever. Shaving product is applied, followed by another hot towel. Your shave will be performed with a professional straight-razor along the grain in the same direction the hair grows. This gives the cleanest possible shave, while minimizing razor burn. You will finish with your choice of either a hot or cool towel.

Look and Feel Your Best

Every man considers a good shave to be among the finer things in life, right up there with aged Scotch and hand-rolled Cubans. Having it done properly is an experience all its own. Make an appointment at Excalibur Fine Men’s Salon, and enjoy the luxury of a professional experience.


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One Embarcadero Center
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